A Fabulous Holiday Pop Up Shop

This holiday season is going to be extra special, and I say this because of Fab.com’s holiday pop up shop! Fab has put together a list of their top 100 gift picks under $100. This is going to be a great asset during secret santa hunting. [*Hint Hint* Secret Santa crew!] Here are my five favorites, but I do adore almost everything on Fab’s list.

The most interactive item on this list is the “Build Your Own Lamp Kit” by Craig Berman. The kit includes laser cut acrylic frames and the bulb fixture. You will have to buy your own extension cord to wrap around the lamp, but this means you can choose your color. Incandescent bulbs are not recommended. $50

If you didn’t fall in love with Build Your Own Lamp but still want to give the gift of light the Plumen Light Bulb Set of 4, designed by Samuel Wilkenson, may be for you. These eco-friendly hanging bulbs use 80 percent less energy than incandescent bulbs and last four times longer. The bulbs come in four varied shapes and sizes with cords in four different colors. The bulbs will last for approximately 8 years, so you will always be remembered! $98


Ok, on to the nerds! (Me!) I get kinda crazy around notebooks, pens and pencils. If your friend is anything like me, this is the perfect gift. The Field Notes Perfect Pack includes a steno pad, 80 pages of bright white Gregg-ruled paper and spiral topped, with information on the inside covers; a three pack of mixed paper notebooks; an 18-month calendar and a number 2 cedar wood pencil. What more can a girl ask for? $28.50


The nerds can take it one step further if they want to stay organized. The Amac Box Set designed by Gene Hurwitt was introduced in 1960. The set of 15 boxes comes in assorted sizes in colors of black, white and red. $15

A gift that will spruce up your place is the Ceramic Hanging Sky Planter by Boskke. This caught my eye because I couldn’t figure out how the plant didn’t fall, or the soil didn’t trickle out! The planter uses a locking disk and mesh to secure the soil and holds the plant upside down. There is an internal reservoir that feeds water to the plant as well as conserves water. $14

{Images via fab.com}

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