Design Spotlights

Design Spotlights have been on a little break but now they’re back! Here are a few things I bookmarked this week.

Keeping with the holiday spirit this week I’d like to re-share Wit and Whistle’s DIY Hand Painted Mugs. Amanda Wright shared instructions on using porcelain paint to decorate mugs. This will be perfect for warm drinks this holiday season. I can’t wait to try it!

{Image via Wit and Whistle}

This next item can be a great gift to give, or just to buy for yourself.  You no longer have to take off your gloves and freeze your fingers while using your iPhone or iPad. Muji now has Touchscreen Gloves! The thumbs and forefingers of these gloves are interwoven with conductive material, allowing for the use of touch screen devices. They are unisex and are available in 8 colors. $24.95 for the pair. Thanks for shairing Design Taxi!

{Image via Muji}

I think the Indian in me made me look at this twice, but this Set of 7 Rolling Pins is showstopping. I found this is one of CB2’s One of a Finds. With the variety of colors, sizes and textures it can be used in many ways. I would put them on a tray on the dining or coffee table, or somehow try to hang them at different heights on the wall. I doubt I’ll be cooking though! The set is 49.95.

{Image via CB2}

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  1. Annie Pavlovna says

    The mug is very great and it’s wonderful as well as the pens. All of its designs are amazing. I’m glad that you’ve shared it to us.

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