An Easy Way to Space Plan

For those of you who have “trouble” space planning, I have a new app you should see. SnapShop is an app available for the iPad and iPhone that allows you to visualize furniture, lighting and accessories in your space before purchasing the item.

Honestly, I think this app is super cool. I did a few tests at my apartment, being careful not to photgraph the mess. SnapShop features the brands CB2, Horchow, Pier 1, Capitol Lighting and Ikea. Simply point your iPhone camera to the area you would like to shop for and take a picture. Then you are able to browse for furniture or accessories and insert the item into your space. You are able to enlarge and decrease the size, as well as rotate the item.

When browsing, you are able to see the product descriptions, dimensions and sizes. After inputting the piece you can take snap shot on your phone and send it to a friend before you make your big purchase. When you’re ready, you can make your purchase in the app itself. How easy is that? Something to be careful of, even though the description and size are available to you, since you are scaling the item yourself in photo, it may not be correct. You should measure the furniture in your home and compare it to what your are intending to buy.

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