My Measures and Dimensions

I just discovered an app that is changing my work life. My Measures Lite is an app for iPhone and iPad that allows you to take pictures of an object and note the measurement right on the image! It was recommended by one of my vendors a few weeks ago. I downloaded it and forgot I had it until I was at a job site.

My Measures Lite has a level in camera so you can be sure your image is square before take the shot. You can adjust the dimension arrows to fit your needs and choose between feet-in, inches, feet, yards, millimeter, centimeter, and meter.

When using the lite version you are unable to share your images. I was a little shady and took a screen shot so I am able to share these with you. If you upgrade to the full version, My Measures and Dimensions, you are able to share your images as well as create PDFs. Another difference I noticed is that the lite version only allows two dimensions/arrows per image. If you would like to add more than two dimensions, you must upgrade to the full version. I haven’t upgraded yet because the lite version fits my needs for the time being but its something to think about if you use the app often. If you have any apps you’d like to share please let me know!

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