Origami Art: Containers

Last week I stopped by Muji to pick up a birthday card and saw this pack of origami paper I had to have. It was not the usual solid colored paper. This had a variety of patterns but it didn’t come with instructions as the other packs do. I picked up the pack and decided to look for instructions online.

When creating things I like them to have a purpose. Making swans and airplanes are fun, but after they are made they are just for display. I’m hosting a delayed secret santa party for friends in a few weeks and was hoping to make something for the event. I wanted to hand out truffle favors and I thought that a small origami box would be perfect to place them in. Obviously it wouldn’t be very sturdy but its an interesting way to display the truffles. I’m pretty sure they will be eaten right away so I’m not concerned about them lasting. I still haven’t decided on these but here’s what I made, one “star box” and one “tote bag“. They aren’t perfect but they are quite cute. Each only took a few minutes to make.


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