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This month is flying by! I must say, so far, its been a month of great design moments. I have tons of spotlights for you today!

These Fire Extinguisher Pendant Lamps stole my heart. The lamps, as you may have guessed, are made from used fire extinguisher cans. Each is hand painted with a black/grey effect. I like the industrial look it has, and the edge it can give any room. Available for $70 from Uncommon Goods.

(Via BLTD)

I spotted this Beatable Foldable Whisk over at MocoLoco earlier this week. This unique kitchen aid is made by DING3000, and not only looks great, but it serves a few purposes as well. Created to look like straws, the whisk retracts, which allows it to save space in your drawer or spatula stand. The center ring allows it to open and close, and also provides a way to hang the whisk. It is available in eight colors: white, grey, light blue, nude, lavender, pink, mint and dark blue.

This Color Blind Tea Mug is sure to brighten up your morning, especially if its a Monday morning! I saw it at SwissMiss and kept revisiting to check it out again. At first I was just intrigued by the wonderful colored dots, but when looking closer you see the words “tea” and “coffee” hidden in between! Available at Bouf for $12.51 each.

I saw this Kate’s Paperie notebook featured on Design*Sponge and immediately bookmarked it. I adore this color combination of red, pink and orange. I also thought of my mom, and how she really loves these colors. But I know she won’t use the notebook so I won’t be getting it for her. I may pick this Miquelrius 4-subject notebook up for myself though, as its only $9 for 140 sheets!

Last but not least for today’s spotlights, is the Bento Series. I saw this at Dezeen, and was interested in the smooth curves of the chair. The chair was designed by new design brand One Nordic Furniture Company for Form Us With Love. The series is made up of three chairs and one table, with bent wood legs. They are created to be shipped in a flat box and put together on site. Assembly is meant to be easy, with no additional screws. The legs are intended to turn and fit right onto the chair seat/table top.

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