Easter Egg DIY ideas

I don’t celebrate Easter but I do love color, decorating and DIY ideas. When we were young we forced our mom to let us decorate and hide eggs. I’m sure we made a huge mess and she was completely appalled! Although I don’t dye eggs anymore I can’t help looking at Easter egg decorating ideas. Here are my favorites this season. How are you decorating eggs this weekend?

Acrylic painted eggs by Leslie Shewring for Decor8

Sharpie doodled eggs from Alisa Burke

Tissue Paper and Parsley Eggs from Aunt Peaches

Napkin decoupage eggs from Martha Stewart



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    The are all so gorgeous! I did my own Star Wars Easter Eggs and managed to get them up on my blog, mess and all. We had so much fun. Seeing some of these beautiful projects I hadn’t come across before makes me want to do more. If only there were time… Those sharpie doodled eggs are crazy incredible, and I already have plenty of sharpies, so who knows?

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