Popup Paris

I saw these super cool candles last weekend and had to tell you about them. Popup Paris candles is a line of scented candles with a French design. The candles come in two sizes and a variety of scents. What is unique about these candles is one in every 50 candles has a diamond inside! The smaller candles have a 0.15 carat diamond and the medium sized candles have a 0.25 carat diamond inside. Each diamond is inserted by hand by Victor Van de Rosieren, the founder of the company. The candles are available in the following scents:

  • BooBlop (Bamboo)
  • Woodzip (Smoking Fire)
  • WizzNadine (Grenadine)
  • FigShebam (Fig)
  • RicePow (Rice Powder)

I purchased one as a gift for someone, from Treasure & Bond, in Soho. The small candle is $25 and the medium is $60. I hope to find out if the one I bought has a diamond soon! I will let you know!

If you haven’t been to Treasure & Bond, you can read more about it here. It’s a great store with wonderful finds, and all proceeds go to charity.

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