I’m sure you use Instagram as much as I do, which is multiple times a day. I don’t upload pictures everyday but I do sign in and check out what my friends have been up to, and what wonderful pictures they have taken throughout the day. Well, there is a new site you may have heard about which lets you profit off of your Instagram activity.

Instacanvas allows you to sign in through your Instagram account and create and online gallery of the pictures you have taken. Browsers can purchase your pictures, which will be printed on museum quality canvas, in 12, 16 and 20-inch squares, starting at $39.99. The canvas will be wrapped on a 1.5 inch thick frame, and will be ready to hang when it arrives at your doorstep.

Here’s the catch, Instacanvas will print your canvas, package and ship it out to the buyer and keep 80% of the profit. You only get 20% for your amazing eye and artistic talent. After you accrue $100 in profit, your check will be mailed. At first I was unsure about this, only getting 20% for my work. But, I wasn’t selling my pictures in the first place, I was just taking them for myself and my followers. So making $8 off of a picture I took in the moment doesn’t seem so bad.

Besides the profit margin, I do like the idea of Instacanvas. I know there are other sites out there which are similar, but I haven’t checked them out. I do like the option of owning work by an independent artist, and the selection is huge.

Since there are a large amount of galleries available, you have to get in line to have yours open up. You can speed up the process by having people request your gallery to open. Here is the link to my gallery, it is still in the request stage. I hope it opens up soon, it will be interesting to see where it leads. If you are concerned about copyright issues, check out Instacanvas’s FAQ, here.

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