WOWcal: an iPhone calendar app

While browsing through VTWonen’s blog, translated of course, I found an interesting iPhone app. It’s called WOWcal, and it integrates your iPhone calendar with unique wallpapers and icons for appointments. It’s created by the World of Wallpapers.

The way the calendar is organized is ideal for me. It’s much easier to see what’s happening throughout the week, as the days are listed on the left side, not in standard calendar form. Appointments can be identified with icons. Coffee, silverware, running are a few examples. You can subscribe to your favorite artist, photographer, blog or brand through The Channel Store, and their wallpapers will rotate through your calendar. Seeing a different image everytime I update my calendar is a nice surprise. I never know what I’ll find!

I have to warn you before you download the free app, it’s not in English. That said, it’s still very clear and easy to use. The icons and set up are very intuitive. And the eye-candy is great! If you speak Dutch, you are in luck. If not, you can still use it, it may just be a little confusing. Watch the video, great song!

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