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I’ve been feeling really inspired in the past few weeks and I think my fellow bloggers have been too. I can tell because I see some interesting material floating around, from homes to objects, and it’s great to stay in the blogging groove. Here are some of the spotlights I’ve seen recently. All are on the more masculine side but I am really attracted to them!

The Modern Record Console by Blake Tovin and Matt Richmond caught my eye because it has a Mad Men feeling to it. I hate to admit it, but I’m still on season three, a little behind the rest of you. But when I saw this console it brought me right back to the show, with its 50’s era style and clean lines. It is made by Symbol Audio and has a steel base supporting the walnut structure. This may be a good gift for Dad, in case you haven’t gotten your gift yet! via MocoLoco

If you are looking to re-tile you may want to consider Lenny Kravitz’ newest collection – the Goccia Three Dimensional Tile Collection. Available in both black and white, the relief is meant to mimic the movement of water.

Lenny Kravitz is on a role. In addition to his tile collection he has also teamed up with Kravet and designed a new series of chairs. The new line is comprised of a few designers, new and old, but Lenny’s chairs are memorable, of course. He has reinterpreted the Mademoiselle Chair, originally created by Philippe Starck. I’m most jealous of the fact that he got to work with Starck personally on this project! via CoolHunting

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