Luke Clark Tyler’s 78 Square Foot Apartment

I’m always amazed to see how people make their small spaces work for them. Usually a New Yorker has plus or minus 500 square feet to play around with. I’ve seen craigslist ads for apartments as small as 300 square feet, but never 78 square feet! While browsing through SpacesTV this weekend I saw a video of Luke Clark Tyler’s apartment.

Luke is a freelance designer who graduated from Cornell in 2006 with a Bachelor’s in Architecture. He is now living in his second “shoebox” apartment in Midtown Manhattan. I think he’s done a fantastic job space planning here. He’s managed to fit a couch that flips down into a bed, a desk area where he does all of his freelance work, a refrigerator, a mirror to make the space appear larger than it is, and an all in one closet which houses not only clothing and supplies, but a printer and microwave. The bathroom is on the same floor, not in his apartment, so he has to  carry his toiletries with him, dorm style. The key to small spaces, stay neat and organized! It can quickly look like a huge mess.

Watch the video:


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