King’s Cube – a 16 square foot apartment in Hong Kong

Recently I told you about a 78 square foot apartment here in New York, and Mayor Bloomberg’s plan to build 300 square foot apartments for rent. But what about something much smaller, like 16.4 square feet? Sounds impossible, right?

MFA candiate at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Joe Yiu created a spoof advertisement video about a small apartment, called King’s Cube. The advertisement may be fake but the apartment is real. And similar cubicles like this are available for rent in the Sham Shui Po district. The apartment and those similar to it rent for HK$100 which is about $13 a night.

The tiny cubicle is in a run down building, and can only hold a bed. The apartment in the video was dressed up to contain a pull out desk and artwork on the walls. The bathroom is off-suite, and I assume, is shared by the rest of the floor. Could you live here? It’s a reality to many living in Hong Kong, as real estate is scarce.

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