iPhone/iPad App: Handy Man DIY

The Handy Man DIY app is an application that can assist you with your home improvement project, start to finish. The iPhone and iPad app allows you to store and save your room measurements for later reference, create a shopping list and work with a realistic budget. This app eliminates all fear of DIY projects. Everything you could possibly need is bundled in this tiny little application.

Based on your room size and project, the application works with actual product costs to create a budget. It will help you decide exactly what to buy, as well as the quantity. In addition to this, the app allows you to create a task list and detail a description of the project. Unsure of how to proceed after all the materials are purchased? The app also offers video tutorials and instructions! It sounds too good to be true.

If you are like me, and days and months fly by too quickly to keep up with, the app offers reminders to get you ready for the change of seasons, in the “Get Ready for the Season” tab. I’ve just downloaded the app for a cost of $1.99 and am curious to see how well it work for me. The reminders alone are a great asset to have. I’m curious, what is your favorite DIY app? What do you look for in home improvement applications?

iPhone iPad Application

iPhone iPad Application

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