La Colombe’s Coffee Vending Machines

La Colombe Torrefaction Vending Machine

By now you know my love for La Colombe Torrefaction. I believe it is one of the best coffee shops, not just in New York, everywhere. I recently heard that they how have an cold brewed coffee vending machine!  The savvy owners of La Colombe have refurbished old Coke vending machines and loaded them up with their brand of cold brewed coffee, Pure Black.

I haven’t tried Pure Black yet, but since I’ve loved everything I’ve tasted so far, I have a feeling I won’t be complaining. And of course, the sleek lines of these 50’s era machines aren’t hard on the eyes either. As of right now, one is installed in their Noho location and one is installed in their Rittenhouse location, in my old stomping ground of Philadelphia. Don’t walk in and try to stuff coins in the machines, though. The machine simply dispenses beverages. You’ll have to pay the $3 fee at the counter.

Have you tasted Pure Black? Will you be visiting these vending machines soon?

{via Grubstreet}

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