CWonder’s Grand Opening in Columbus Circle

Saturday I made plans with Sarah of Live the Life You Dream About to have brunch and visit the Museum of Art and Design. I also wanted to visit the Living Room by Tatzu Nishi but unfortunately we didn’t realize tickets had to be purchased in advance. We ate at one of our favorite places in Midtown West, Riposo. Did you know I got engaged there?! (more on that later) As we were walking to MAD we ran into a CWonder representative, handing out fortune cookies and gift cards to celebrate the store’s grand opening in the Time Warner Building. We were instructed to go to the store to collect our winnings, and of course the two of us ran right over! We never made it to the museum, we had way too much fun at CWonder.


Sarah super lucky on Saturday. Not only did she get a red fortune cookie, worth $150 in store credit, she also won a stuffed animal in a vending grab game! I had a blue fortune cookie, which entitled me to a free pair of bling earrings. The grand opening was phenomenal! There was so much to do in the store, we were overwhelmed with excitement. We stayed for over an hour, trying to pick out the perfect $150 item for Sarah. It was tough, there was so much to choose from. We narrowed it down to a necklace and a handbag. The handbag won.


I’ve been to the Soho location several times, so I had an idea of what to expect in terms of store design. I was excited to see 2 large striped zebras in the middle of the store. The attention to detail was amazing.


There was a cluster of lights made of bird cages, and another cluster made of tea cups. The bright white walls with brightly colored accents made me euphoric. The shiny, sparkly CWonder symbols draw the eye to many different areas of the store. It was hard for me to stay focus, there was so much to see!


The entire staff was so friendly, dancing to music that was being spun by a live DJ, handing out candy to get us all on a sugar high, handing out tokens to play the vending grab game. There was a caricature artist and a photo booth. Obviously Sarah and I took several pictures at the photo booth. CWonder, you’ve done it again! The store looks fabulous, your product is gorgeous, and your branding is superb. Once again, very impressed!

Soho Location: 72 Spring St. at Crosby, New York, NY 10012

Columbus Circle Location: 10 Columbus Circle, Space #206B, New York, NY 10023

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