Holiday House 2012: Part 2

What did you think of the first four areas I shared with you yesterday, from this year’s Holiday House? Holiday House is a showhouse in which talented 27 interior designers created wonderful spaces for us, all in the name of charity. Proceeds benefit the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, and the house is open until November 18th. You still have time to see these gorgeous spaces with your own eyes!

As I mentioned yesterday, there were so many spaces I want to highlight for you, but I had to pick just a few. Yesterday I shared Vicente Wolf’s bedroom, Roger Thomas’s bright red connecting area, Suzanne Eason’s jewel-toned gem and Geoffrey Bradfield’s Hollywood glam experience. Today I have four more rooms for you to take a look at!

Robyn and Sara Karp are a fabulous mother-daughter design team that create a 16-year old girl’s dream bedroom. The purple room was lit with a chandelier they picked up in the Hamptons on one of their many shopping trips. Another interesting point of lighting were the acrylic feet on the bed which can be turned on and off. (How cool, right?!) The door was painted in resin and bedazzled with Swarovski crystals.

Robyn and Sara Karp

One of the most remarkable spaces was a make-shift area, right in the center of the first floor. It’s where a step and repeat was placed, where the speeches were held, and of course, where one of the bars was located! Designed by Lee Najman, the tented area was light with a black crystal chandelier and had more modern elements in the corners, also lighting the area.

Lee Najman Designs

One of the largest spaces was located on the fourth floor, designed by Huntley and Co Interior Design. They partnered with Pierre Frey to create and enormous living + dining area. The butterfly chandelier adds a very feminine touch to the already soft room. I wish I had been able to get a shot of the other side of the room. There was a framed mirror, embedded with a television! So very cool!

Huntley and Co Interior Design

The last room I have for you today is Brett Beldock’s room, located on the third floor. The room was covered with the large patterned black and white tulip paper by Studio Four NYC. It definitely makes a statement! The rest of the room was understated to compensated for the eye-catching paper. The furniture and artwork were in black and gold tones, keeping with the feel of the room.

Brett Beldock

Now you’ve gotten a chance to see eight gorgeous rooms at this year’s Holiday House. (See the previous four here.) I’d love to know, which is your favorite? What did you love? What did you hate (or love less!)? Which room would you like to live in?


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