Daniel LiCalzi’s 271 Square Foot Apartment in Brooklyn

I’ve said this before, but I am truly amazed by what can be done with a small space. One factor that draws me to small spaces is that you are forced to reduce clutter and live with things you really need. Another plus is that a small space can be cleaned in about a half hour. Huge plus!

SpacesTV Tiny Eclectic Amazing Spaces

SpacesTV has a fantastic series called Tiny Eclectic Amazing Spaces which features, well, tiny and eclectic spaces that are pretty amazing. Today I’d like to share Daniel LiCalzi’s 271 square foot apartment with you. Located in Brooklyn, the apartment has a nice backyard view that you don’t often see here in New York. Daniel is a product designer and owner of Design Since. He’s designed some fantastic products, including the Measuring Light and a planter that can be placed over a window air conditioner.

SpacesTV Tiny Eclectic Amazing Spaces

When designing a small space you should first come up with a vision. Daniel knew he wanted to bring the outdoors in, so he designed the kitchen counters to aim the viewer towards the window. He also used reclaimed metal pieces along with some newer materials to build a bed that is not supported on all four sides. I don’t want to reveal all his tricks, so watch the video to find out how he created some extra storage space.

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