Celebrate the Holidays in… Boston with The Pretty in Life

Hello again! So far we’ve stopped by Australia, Europe and Canada. Can you believe you’ve been to so many places in such a short amount of time?! Today we’re visiting someplace close to my home, Boston. Boston is a wonderful town with lots of history. Stephanie, of The Pretty in Life, is sharing her Boston holiday traditions with us. Please show her some love, comment and stop by her blog for lovely inspiring things!

Celebrate the holidays in Boston with The Pretty in Life

Where do you live?

Boston, MA – born and raised just outside the city.

What is your blog about?

The Pretty In Life is my journal about the beautiful and inspiring things I come across, as well as a thinkpad where I feel I can discuss the things I think about, things that challenge me, and ideas that I have found and want to share.  A lot of the topics are based around interiors – but I am equally passionate about other aspects of design, including trends, fashion, décor, art, flowers, crafts and more.

What do you love about your city?

I love that it is large and diverse enough so that there is always something new to try, but small enough that it always feels manageable and familiar.  Boston is known for its famous landmarks, museums and historical sites, but what many may not realize is how wonderfully diverse and rich with culture Boston is. Every part of Boston, from Back Bay to Cambridge, the North End to the South End, all have their own feel and vibe.  It’s a really great city to explore – I still discover new sites and exciting things to do all the time!

What is your favorite holiday site in your town? 

Well, Boston does have a tree-lighting ceremony similar to many other cities, but my all time favorite thing to see during the holidays is The Boston Nutcracker.  It just never gets old.  I still remember the first time I went as a young girl with my family, and I fell in love with it all; the music, the dancers, the costumes and of course the ginormous tree (what kid wouldn’t love that?!).  So much so, that I begged that we buy the video they sell after the show, and I brought it home and watched it over and over and over again for weeks!

What is your must have holiday food in your town and where is it from?

It’s from my home, and it’s latkes!  My parents make the most unbelievable latkes – I still have yet to find any that compare to theirs, it’s the one thing I look forward to every year.

What is your must have holiday beverage in your town and where is it from?

As soon as it gets cold, my favorite go-to drink is a Hot Toddy of any kind, and I have yet to cross any that weren’t good.  Eastern Standards’ Hot Toddies are fairly memorable, though!

What is your favorite spot for a night out during the holidays?

Really anywhere downtown nearby the Boston Commons.  The city is so beautiful this time of year with all of the lights and decorations.

What is your city’s unique holiday tradition?

The Boston Symphony Orchestra puts on the Boston Pops every year – and it attracts quite a crowd.  I’ve never actually gone (Nutcracker is more my thing – I’m visual!), but many rave about it!

What is your goal for the New Year?

My goal for 2013 is to make it different. I am definitely a creature of habit and tend to get comfortable too easily.  The tail end of 2012 has been a complete whirlwind; I have grown and accomplished a great deal, which has in turn made me very eager to keep changing and pushing my own limits.  I definitely crossed some milestones and benchmarks this year. I want to keep pushing the envelope on that, and make 2013 better and even more rewarding.

{image from The Independent}

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