Celebrate the Holidays in… Sydney with Little Paper Trees

Hello Sketchies! As I mentioned, I’ll be away through the New Year. Of course I would never leave you alone for such a long time, and worse, through this stressful holiday season! While I’m on holiday I thought you could use a little virtual holiday too. Everyday I’ll have blogger from far, far away telling us how they celebrate the holiday season in their home town. With us today is Jaclyn of Little Paper Trees. Please show her some love by commenting and visiting her on her blog. Enjoy today’s getaway!

Celebrate the holidays with Little Paper Trees

Where do you live?
Sydney, Australia

What is your blog about?
My expat adventures as an American living in Sydney and of course, my daily musings about everything under the sun.

What do you love about your city? 
The people, the beaches, the ‘life is good’ attitude – In the 5 years I’ve lived here the city has certainly stolen my heart.

What is your favorite holiday site in your town?  
Since I’m originally from the East Coast, the holidays mean snow, warm fires, hot cider, etc but living in Sydney was an adjustment. The best thing for me is to be able to celebrate mid summer with long beach days and bbqs.

What is your must have holiday food in your town + where is it from?
Fresh local seafood and a cold beer – the iconic Australian experience

What is your favorite spot for a night out during the holidays? 
Nothing beats sipping wine on a deck overlooking the ocean – either from a bar or backyard, you can’t beat it

What is your city’s unique holiday tradition?
Boxing Day (the day after Christmas) is a public holiday so its notoriously one of hte busiest beach days of the year!

What is your goal for the New Year? 
I’m not one for new year’s resolutions but this I have a good feeling about the things to come. I’m hoping to be able to seize the moment and be grateful this year, relish the small things.

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