Celebrate the Holidays in… Vancouver with Raincoast Cottage

Happy Christmas Eve! Have you been enjoying our holiday visits so far? Today we are with Sandra of Raincoast Cottage in Vancouver. I have to tell you, I’m a huge Sandra-fan. I felt like I knew her the moment I saw her first tweet. If you’re looking to hone in on your creative side, Raincoast Cottage is the place to go! Thank you Sandra for being with us today and sharing your holiday with us. Everyone, lets show Sandra some love by commenting and popping into her blog!

Where do you live?

I live in Vancouver on the west coast of Canada. We call it the “wet” coast because being on the edge of a rain forest, it rains a LOT. But at least it’s green all winter long!

What is your blog about?

I blog about making better makers. Whether you’re a blogger, a maker, a photographer or a writer, I share inspiration and practical ideas on creating the conditions to do your best work. And to live a creative life.

What do you love about your city?

I moved here over a year ago from Toronto, Canada’s largest city. Although I miss the hustle and bustle and buzz of the east coast, I love the natural beauty here. Being so close to snowboarding helps too!

What is your favorite holiday site in your town?

My favorite holiday site is a suspension bridge in the forest just north of the city. Each holiday time it’s decorated with lights and is just gorgeous.

What is your must have holiday food in your town and where is it from?

For me I LOVE potato latkes and sufgnaiyot (sugar jam donuts). Comfort food! There aren’t too many places to get them in town but I buy mine at Solly’s Bagelry off Main Street.

What is your must have holiday beverage in your town and where is it from?

When I am in the mood for a winter drink, I think of a Damona cocktail from Chill Winston in the Gastown neighborhood. It’s decadent and yummy.  Just imagine – vanilla brandy, Frangelico, Grand Marnier, cream, a hazelnut rim and chocolate drizzle. Perfect for our rainy, winter nights.

What is your favorite spot for a night out during the holidays?

This probably is going to sound a bit cheesy but I love hopping in the car and driving all over looking at how everyone has decorated their homes with Christmas lights. Then I like to stop off at 49th Parallel on Main Street for a hot chocolate. They have incredible coffee too and I’m often their writing during the day. Or warming up after taking some street photographs!

What is your city’s unique holiday tradition?

A little nostalgia for this one! My husband grew up here and something that he did as a kid around this time of year still happens – the Stanley Park Christmas train. Stanley Park is the largest urban North American park after Central Park and the train winds its way through the trees. It’s really a kids’ train but big enough for adults. The trip takes about 20 minutes and everywhere you look there are holiday decorations.

What is your goal for the New Year?

One of my personal missions is to encourage and inspire people to enjoy the arts. This next year I am “taking it to the streets”. Well, not exactly, but I am doing a few events in real life. One of them is starting a salon where 30 or so people will get together each month for good conversation. Think musical performances, dance, play-readings, magic, lectures – whatever I find that I KNOW will inspire, challenge, and entertain.

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