Design Spotlights: DIY Washi Tape Cards

Ajay’s birthday is coming up and while looking for gift ideas and party ideas I came across another sort of idea! While browsing on Pinterest I saw many DIY washi tape ideas, for party favors and gifts, and some for cards. While I would love to receive a washi tape birthday card, it’s not super manly, and I don’t think Ajay would love it. He might pretend to really like it, but let’s face it, he doesn’t see the point in washi tape! (I once made him origami containers and he just smiled at me.) Have a look at today’s Design Spotlights: DIY Washi Tape Cards! I won’t be making these for him… who’s birthday is next?

DIY Washi Tape Card ideas

1. from Mer Mag

2. from Sideoats & Scribbles

3. from Ribbon, Glitter, Glue

4. from KWernerdesign blog

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    • Tina Ramchandani says

      Haha yes he loves me but he was also smiling and trying to figure out why I’m giving him an origami box!

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