Vine: A Stop Motion Video App

This weekend I was talking to Ajay about the direction of my blog. I told him I wish I was better at taking videos and editing them. I think it would really help you guys see what I’m seeing, and it would help both of enjoy my posts more! I was regretting not taking any videos during BlogTour. It was super hectic and it totally slipped my mine. Ajay told me to download a new app on my iPhone, Vine. Within one day of installing Vine I realized the blogosphere had caught on and this app is making waves! (You can find me on Vine: @Life in Sketch)

Vine app for iPhone

Using Vine you can easily create a 6-second stop motion video. Yes, it’s kinda cheating. It’s not always professional (as you can see from my video below). It’s basic and you can’t do too much with it. But I love it! It’s the perfect thing to get me started on my video path! The interface is easy to use, it’s easy to find people, “like” (with a smile), and easy to comment. You can’t find your Facebook friends on Vine yet, probably because it’s owned by twitter, but you can post your video to Facebook when you’re done.

Are you on Vine? If not, are you interested to get started? What’s your username? Let me know, and I’ll follow you!

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