Shop This Room: A Modern Baroque Look

I came across Australian designer Greg Natale and completely fell in love with his work. Most of his spaces have a regal ambiance and look very luxurious. Greg Natale mastered the art of mixing modern patterns with baroque elements, which creates his signature look. Although this is a tough look to master, you can incorporate some of these elements in your home. So, shop this room!

Shop this room: a modern baroque look

For me, the most attractive thing about this living room is the mix of materials. The velvet is placed next to metal and glass tables, with a lacquer and metal table in between. The velvet softens the space while the reflective materials add sleekness to the space. I’m a fan of dark painted spaces, but you have to be careful when putting together a dark room. You have to pick the right color shade and you have to find a way to brighten the space so it doesn’t look gloomy. Greg did this by adding the white table, white table lamps and pendant lamp. The white trim lightened the space and added to the traditional look.

Shop this room: a modern baroque look

Here’s where you can find similar pieces, starting from the top left:

Do you like this look? What represents your style?

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