A Corcoran NYC Real Estate Tour

While BlogTour and Modenus were here in New York I was lucky enough to tag along. Even though I live here in New York it’s interesting to see the city through a different perspective. We visited many building and shops I see on my daily route and take for granted. Seeing these places as a design tourist I was able to see the spaces and products in depth and really fall in love. One of our events was a Corcoran Manhattan Real Estate Tour hosted by Miele. It was fantastic to see new and classic buildings, some of which I’ve been in previously, from another angle.

The Printing House: Library

First stop on the tour was The Printing Press in the West Village. Looking at the Renaissance facade you would never expect to see such clean, modern lines on the interior. The building offers a 24-hour doorman and concierge service in addition to private mews, designed by Gunn Landscape Architecture. This allows the residents to have a private garden right at their footsteps. The building is also home to a flagship Equinox gym, which holds a pool and sun deck.

The Printing House, West Village

Each apartment was individually designed, no two are alike. While on the tour we were able to visit a one bedroom loft and a three bedroom duplex. Both had open kitchen plans with state of the art appliances. Both also had views from the second floor down to the first. I’ve seen several luxury apartments here in New York but none with this large of a space that made you feel you were in a home, not an apartment. Of course when you peek outside the grand windows, you know you’re in Manhattan.

The Printing House, West Village

The model apartments were designed by top designers, which of course made them that much more beautiful. The one bedroom was designed by Architecture at Large and the larger apartment by Carrier and Company Interiors. Both were gorgeous but of course very different. It was nice to see the model apartments designed in such different styles. It helps the buyer see the variety of options the space offers. I would love to live in either (or both!).

The Printing House, West Village

The next stop on the tour was 515 East 72nd Street. When we entered the building we noticed that across the expansive lobby there was a large outdoor garden. This is rare in Manhattan and a treat to have right in your building! We had a chance to tour the facilities and I was impressed by the large gym and indoor pool. Oh yes, there’s also a rock climbing wall. No excuses to not work out! On the lobby level, in addition to the water feature there was a small library area where residents and guests can wait, and read. The building is also home to Elements Spa which offeres spa amenities including steam roms, saunas and hot tubs.

515 East 72nd Street

We were lucky enough to see three apartments in the building and get a feel for the different layouts. The building has fantastic views of the east rivers and the surrounding Manhattan buildings. One apartment even had a wrap around balcony. Of course the interiors were gorgeous too, with open kitchen plans and stainless steel appliances. Although the interiors of the apartments were great, what got me were the views and the massive amounts of sunlight pouring in.

515 East 72nd Street

The last and final stop on our tour was a building I’m very familiar with, Manhattan House. The landmark building was designed in 1950 by architect Gordon Bunshaft. It’s an icon of modern architecture, and I learned on our tour that the entire city block used to house the Third Avenue subway cars before the building was built. The building stretches on 66th street from 2nd to 3rd avenue and cannot be missed. It was once home to celebs such as Grace Kelly!

Manhattan House

image via Manhattan House

The lobby is massive and includes an outdoor sculpture garden with several pathways. The building offers a 24-hour doorman and concierge service, Manhattan Club, which is located on the rooftop and an exclusive membership to Exhale spa.

When the building was first erected the apartments were smaller, but as time went by they were combined to create larger, more luxurious spaces. We were able to visit a few of these spaces which were stunning. The amount of space in these apartments is amazing! The views are beautiful as well!

Manhattan House Model Apartment

We were very lucky to get the inside scoop on these three amazing Manhattan buildings. I’m still blown away by what I’ve seen! Thank you Modenus for including the extended BlogTour family on these events! And of course, thank you Miele and Corcoran for making it all possible.

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