For the Fellas: Masculine Interiors

I’m a huge fan of masculine interiors. When I say masculine I mean interiors in browns, greys and blacks. These are colors we typically associate with men, but ladies can love those colors too! Grey is one of my favorite colors and although I do love brights, a grey and brown room is just gorgeous. Texture is also associated with masculine interiors, often seen in metals, woods, leathers or rougher materials like grasscloth wallpaper.

For the Fellas: Masculine Interiors

I associate bright colors with living areas, sun rooms and kitchens. When I design of libraries, or smoking rooms and bedrooms I like to use darker, cozier colors, colors that will engulf you. I like these colors for bedrooms in particular because I have a hard time falling asleep, and staying asleep, at night. Creating a dark environment that invites you to fall asleep is especially important.

For the Fellas: Masculine Interiors

This trick works well in libraries and smoking rooms as well. These are areas we use when we like to get away from it all, little retreats in our home. Using heavy tones on the walls, floors and carpets is a great way to create the feel of a sanctuary.

Are you a fan of dark, masculine spaces or do you tend to lean towards bright colors? Would you have a grey or brown room in your home?

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