Puppet Master at The MOMA Store

I had a fun filled week this week! I was able to visit many places all in the name of design. I stopped by the MOMA Store in Soho for a few minutes and got a little giddy when I saw all the kids toys. MOMA sells a kit where kids (and adults) can built structures and have them move up and down or side to side. It’s not available on the website, or if it is I can’t seem to find it. Because there are electronics involved it’s for the older kids but it’s definitely cool. I wish I had this while I was a kid! I took a Vine for you:



Here are my favorite links this week:

  • Big changes to the National Spelling Bee rules, via Pat’s Papers
  • Secrets to cleaning your tech devices, via DesignMom
  • Will you try this Carrot Bloody Maria, from A Beautiful Mess?
  • New awesome food series by Liz & Jewels, on Decor8
  • Genius, bike and picnic without a hassle, via Cyclivist

Some Life in Sketch highlights:

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