Shop This Room: An Inspired Workspace

Confession: I haven’t been sitting at my desk lately. Even as I type this, I’ve assembled a workspace on the couch. I’ve got folders, notepads and pens and this has slowly become my workspace. I think it’s because my actual desk has a lot piled on top that needs to be sorted. (I’m tacking it this afternoon!) So of course, I’ve been dreaming of another workspace. I want something inspiring and bold. My workspace is very bright and great to work in. White walls, large magnet boards, it’s the perfect space for a blogger. Somehow I’m very attracted to the workspace below…

Shop This Room!

{via Pinterest}

The space above is sexy and filled with emotion. The black feature wall immediately draws you in, and is decorated with a gallery wall of many different pieces of art. The dark wood table and chairs are inviting. The chairs have a curved back which look comfortable, I think I’d be able to sit a while.

The black is carried through on the other walls in the space and also on a side chair, placed in the back of the room. It’s easy to make this space your own once you’ve got the basics, the paint, table and chairs. The art can be replaced to something that fits your personality and then, voilà!, you have an office that represents you!

Get this look!

So, ready to Shop This Room? Here’s how you can get this look, starting at the top, right:

  • Art: Royal Palace of Fes, Morocco, from
  • Table: Wood and metal table, from Hillsdale
  • Art: Landline Blue, from
  • Chair: Stackable chair, from West Elm
  • Chair: Spindle back arm chair, from West Elm
  • Art: Brass Hand, from
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