2013 ICFF Highlights: Part 1

I’m overhwhelmed by everything I saw at this year’s ICFF. In a good way of course! Yesterday I told you a bit about the Wilsonart Challenges… competition and this year’s winner, Katie Lee. I walked the show in one day and I’m sure I missed a lot. I wish I had a second day to go back and re-explore but between Blogfest and other design events I wasn’t able to make it. I did get tons of pictures and have narrowed a few things down for you. I’ll be giving you the highlights in two parts, because I have way too much to share. Here’s part 1 of my ICFF highlights!


The first booth I saw when I walked onto the ICFF floor was Lladró and I stopped in my tracks. I first saw the addition to their porcelain collection, named The Guest by Jamie HaydonLladró introduced new black and white characters and invites cutting-edge designers to create guests of their own with distinctive personalities. In addition to their statement piece they also have porcelain figures like the Indian elephants below.

ICFF recap, NYC: Lladro


I saw the Molo booth from afar and basically ran towards it. At first it looked just like a cardboard enclosure but when I got closer I realized that it was Molo’s paper softwall modular system. Inside the softwall enclosure were several cloud lamps, hanging and floor versions. What I was most impressed by were the softwall stools! They were so comfortable! The stools were the perfect find after a long day of walking the ICFF floor.

ICFF recap, NYC: Molo


I learned something about myself this year at ICFF, and I did so because of my awesome blogger friends Lynn of Decor Arts Now and Young of Les Design Nerdes. They pointed out that I got extremely excited when I saw neon. Who knew? I saw the PolArt booth while walking down the isle and left my friends to photograph! The bright, outdoor furniture caught my eye. I haven’t seen upholstered outdoor furniture that colorful..well, ever! I love the modern baroque look, which I hope to add to one of my projects someday soon.

ICFF recap, NYC: PolArt


While I was visiting the Fab offices with the BlogTour NYC group I saw some very cool things in the works. I wasn’t allowed to tell you about them then as the details were still being tweaked. I was pleased to see the final pieces displayed at ICFF. There’s a colorful new line of patterned rugs which I wasn’t able to photograph. (Sorry!) I was able to get a few shots of their table top line, though! I’m absolutely in love with triangles and geometrics right now. These glasses and bowls are very much IN.

ICFF recap, NYC: FAB


Yes, Kikkerland had a pop up shop! Kikkerland is one of my go-to design shops. I totally fall in love with all of their well-designed products. They’re actually quite funny too. They have a waving solar queen you can pick up if you’re in the mood! The Tea for Two is one of my favorites. I would love to “share” my cup of tea with someone! I had to pull myself away before I bought the entire shop.

ICFF recap, NYC: Kikkerland

Hope you’ve had your ICFF fix. Stay tuned for part two of the highlights! What’s your favorite thing so far?


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    • Tina Ramchandani says

      Thank you Young! It was great walking the show with you. I saw so many things I would have otherwise missed!

  1. says

    Thanks so much for this post – was really sad to have missed ICFF. I was hoping to get over for it this year, so it’s nice to be able to experience it at a distance!

    • Tina Ramchandani says

      Glad I could recap for you Katie. Hopefully you’ll make it next year. It would be nice to see you again!

    • Tina Ramchandani says

      I think it’s best, you’ll get to see Wanted and NYCxDesign as well. Wanted was amazing year! I’ll be covering the highlights soon.

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