Shop This Room: A Bright Bedroom

What do you typically look for in a bedroom? I can’t decide what my ideal bedroom would be, dark and cozy or bright and airy. Both have their benefits, a dark and cozy room will help me fall asleep and stay asleep. But there’s something about waking up in a bright white bedroom. Seeing the shining sun in the morning helps me get my day started. What do you prefer?

Shop This Room: A Bright Bedroom

I saw this bright and airy bedroom on Lonny and thought it would be perfect for this week’s Shop This Room. The weather is getting warmer and I’m craving every dose of sun I can get. Not only is this room bright, but it’s filled with animal print patterns. The pattern adds some excitement and texture to the room.

Shop This Room: A Bright Bedroom

This look is fairly easy to achieve. White stark white walls you have a great base to get started. In this space animal print is seen on the ottomans at the end of the bed, on the table lamp, and is alluded to in one of the hanging art pieces. You have the opportunity to reflect your personality while creating the gallery wall. You can create your own collection of art all in one place.

Here’s where you can find the pieces above, starting with the top, left. Get This Look!

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