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Design Spotlights: Bright Accents

Are you feeling the summer heat? Summer heat means bright colors! I’m wearing neon almost all the time right now. I have neon shoes, neon nail polish and neon jewelry. It’s time to bring the bright colors into my home, too. I’ve been looking for the perfect neon accents, furniture pieces and table top items to brighten up my space. Here are today’s Design Spotlights: Bright Accents!

Design Spotlights: Bright Accents!

Here’s where you can find these colorful pieces:

1. Lacquer bento box, from Leif

2. Fuchsia / white throw from Zinc Door

3. BIA cordon bleu colored mugs, from Bloomingdales

4. Tardi sofa, from Future Perfect

5. Abbesses plate with red rim, from Canvas

6. Rocking votives, from Pigeon Toe



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