Shop This Room: A Chic Cottage Living Room

Since we’re all getting ready for summer I thought today’s Shop This Room should have a summery look.  Fashion designer Ariane Goldman’s East Hampton Home was featured in Lonny in September 2012. Although the feature is nearly a year old the chic design of the home is still very much in! Many have trouble mixing styles and achieving the look they want. I recently spoke to a couple about purchasing a home and incorporating rustic architecture with a modern design. They were unsure of how to go about getting the look. This home is the perfect example of mixing styles well. Ariane and her husband Max settled into this Alfredo De Vido home and made it their own.

Shop This Room: A Chic Cottage Living Room

The wooden beams are a constant feature throughout the house and were incorporated well in the design. The white walls offset the dark colored wood and brighten the space. The upholstered furniture has clean lines, which helps the space look comfortable. The glass and gold coffee table placed with the black and white patterned rug create a luxe look. The space plan and furniture are gorgeous, but what creates this look is the details. The home is accessorized perfectly, and is filled with Ariane’s favorite things. You can easily accessorize your living room with books, candles and plants. This adds personality to the space.

Shop This Room/Get This Look: A Chic Cottage Living Room

Here’s how you can get this look:

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