Designer Tablescapes at the Hamptons Showhouses

One of my favorite things about visiting showhouses and design stores is taking a look at how the stylists set their tables. Table settings are a tricky thing. You know the basics, charger, plate, cutlery, napkin and glasses. However making it look special is not always easy. I love to see how other designers add their own touch to the table in rooms they design. I mentioned last week that I was on a lovely tour of the Hamptons showhouses hosted by Kravet. We were able to visit both of the summer showhouses, the Hamptons Designer Showhouse and the Holiday House Hamptons. Both houses were stunning, and both had gorgeous tables.

Holiday House Hamptons

The eating and kitchen area was designed by Duneier Design, founded by Jennifer Duneier. The space was decorated in ocean blue, which can be seen on the kitchen table. The breakfast bar in the same area also has touches of blue, but is a bit more casual, with splashes of yellow.

Holiday House Hamptons, tablescape

Holiday House Hamptons, tablescape

Summer blue is carried through to the adjacent dining area, designed by Richard Mishaan Design. The dining area is much more formal, with gold placemats and gold silverware, which I adored. The solid blue candle holders are a nice backdrop for the patterned gold wine glasses. The pattern on the glasses and the plates add excitement to the table.

Holiday House Hamptons: tablescapes

Hamptons Designer Showhouse

The color of the year is green! Lillian August decorated their dining room with shades of green, which was very lively. The neutral table cloth and the blue plates certainly makes the green pop. The gold cutlery is a nice finishing touch.

Hamptons Designer Showhouse: tablescapes

I love this simple white table setting created by kitchen designer Bakes and Company. It’s easy to replicate, too!

Hamptons Designer Showhouse: tablescapes

The keeping room, designed by Patricia Fisher Design was stunning, located in the bay window nook. It has a casual summer home feel with distinctive details. I especially love the round circle patterned placemat.

Hamptons Designer Showhouse: tablescapes

The porch located off of the keeping room was designed by Ken Gemes Interiors. I love outdoor spaces and this porch was no exception. The blue on the table matches the color of the water in the pool, which was gorgeous. The red lantern adds a nice bright touch.

Hamptons Designer Showhouse: tablescapes

I’d love to have a meal at any of these tables. It’s pretty hard to pick a favorite, they’re all so unique. Which are you most drawn to?

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