Shop This Room: A White on White Bedroom

While in Boston this past weekend I fell in love with my friend’s bedroom. It wasn’t overly decorated but it was serene. She and I love both white spaces and she had created a little white on white retreat for herself. Walking into the room I immediately felt at ease, and waking up in a soothing environment like that sets you up to have a great day. I’ve chosen an image I found on Pinterest to represent a peaceful white bedroom, and I’ve picked out a few things to help you Shop This Room.

Shop This Room: A white on white bedroom


Creating a white on white bedroom is simpler than you may think. Everything doesn’t have to be the same shade of white, you can mix pure whites and off whites. The key to creating interest in an all white room is texture. A variety of textures will create warmth in the space. I like to add several textures to my bedding, one for the sheets, another for the duvet and another for throws and throw pillows. Another place to add texture are nightstands and dressers. You can opt for something lacquered and sleek or a piece that’s made of white painted wood or stone. And don’t forget about the curtains!

Just because your space is all one color doesn’t mean you can’t hang artwork. You can find special pieces that are mostly white or have soft greys and beiges. This will also add warmth to the space and give it character. Mirrors are also a great way to reflect light into your white space and make the room look larger.

Shop This Room: A white on white bedroom

Here’s where you can find key pieces for your white on white room:

Do you love white on white rooms as much as I do? Will you be recreating this white retreat for yourself?

{Image via Pinterest. Unfortunately I could not find the original source!)

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