Shop This Room: A Creative Nook

Looking for ways to stay inspired this summer? In this crazy hot weather, I just want a place to relax, read and sketch. This creative nook is the perfect spot for me. It’s comfortable and bright, which is just what I need to sit back and get creative. I was searching for ways to get this look, so I can tell you how to Shop This Room!

Shop This Room: A creative nook

I saw this creative nook on We Heart It, but I’m not sure who the designer is. If you have any leads, please let me know! The space is furnished in subdued colors which evokes a soothing feel. Although it’s filled with artwork, books and plants it doesn’t appear cluttered because of the minimal furniture and white walls. The metal and leather bench is the focal point of the room. Alone it appears cold and industrial, but when it’s paired with the wooden ladder and wooden side table the space warms up. The fur throw and pink pillows are the final touch that softens the space.

Get This Look: A Creative Nook

Here’s how you can get this look:

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