IKEA for Business: Outfit Your Office!

I’m often asked by small business owners how they can make their space look fabulous for clients and guests. Small businesses typically don’t have a lot of cash to burn, so they’ve got to keep a tight budget. When I suggest IKEA, many frown right away. Now, I realize that IKEA has a rep as cheap, but it’s affordable! If you can’t afford designer everything, IKEA is the place for you. I was looking at their site recently and they have a section specifically for businesses!

IKEA for business: outfit your office

I like to mix in a few vintage/designer pieces with my IKEA pieces. The key to giving your office your personality is not getting everything straight from the catalog. However, if you need to stay organized, IKEA a great place to visit. They have all kinds of things that can help you, filing cabinets, boxes, bookshelves.

IKEA for business: outfit your office

IKEA for business: outfit your office

If you’re handy you can use a few DIY techniques on your IKEA furniture. You can paint, stencil, repurpose.  There are several DIY blogs you can look at to get ideas for this. Be prepared to get your hands dirty.

IKEA for business: outfit your office

IKEA for business: outfit your office
There are several things you can pick up at IKEA to help your business (and household) run smoothly. In addition to pieces to help organization you can pick up a dresser that can double as a storage unit or coat hooks to hang more than just coats. It’s all in the styling!

IKEA for business: outfit your office

I was blown away by the styling of the IKEA business settings. They really know how to sell their products! When you see pieces all together, in a grouping, they seem much more appealing than standing along on a bare white background. Don’t you think?

Would you outfit your small office with IKEA?

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