Shop This Room: A Chalkboard Kitchen

How do you stay organized? I write notes constantly, on my iphone, several post it notes cover my desk, and in a bunch of notebooks. It may seem like chaos but it works for me! Although my notes are everywhere, I know what I’ve written where when I’m looking. (For the most part that is!) A chalkboard wall in my kitchen would be super helpful. I would keep a grocery list on it, recipes, and even a to-do list. When I saw this chalkboard kitchen I thought it would be perfect for my home, and maybe yours too. Let’s see how we can Shop This Room.

Shop This Room: A Chalkboard Kitchen

{via Architecture Art Designs}The minimal furniture in this kitchen allow the chalkboard wall to shine. The wall can be more than just a place for lists, the writing on the wall can serve as art itself. I like the chrome and white pieces in this space. Light can reflect off of both the chrome and white, brightening the space. The shelves and rolling island are a great way to add storage as well as visual interest. I like the white plates shown here, but if you’re looking to add pops of color you can fill the shelves with colorful plates and bowls.

Shop This Room: A Chalkboard Kitchen

Here’s how you can GET THIS LOOK:


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    • Tina Ramchandani says

      With a little chalkboard paint you can create this kitchen in your home. Let me know if you decide to go for it!

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