{Tech Geek} Canary Home Security Device

There are several apps you can install on your iPhone to help you maintain your home while you’re away. You can monitor and adjust your temperature with Nest, you can unlock your doors with Lockitron and you can monitor your pets with iCam. Canary is an interesting device that integrates with your iPhone and can help you monitor several things at a time.

Canary home security device

As a renter I haven’t been able to install a security system I like, because everything I looked into was very permanent. Canary is great for both renters and home owners because it’s installation-free. Canary contains an HD-camera as well as several sensors that can track motion, temperature, air quality, sound, vibration and activity. You can set up several different type of alerts to be sent right to your iPhone. If there is unusual activity or a large temperature fluctuation, you can know within minutes!

Canary home security device

You can still fund the campaign through IndieGoGo for a few more hours, and preorder as well. Watch the video, it tells you everything you need to know!

{via BLTD + Canary}


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