Design Spotlights: iPhone 5s Cases and Wallets

I’m so ready for a new iPhone! Believe it or not, I’m still working with an iPhone 4, not even a 4s! I kept waiting for the next one to come along and now I finally feel ready. I’m going to opt for the gold version, although I was hesitant at first. I love gold but I was hoping for the phone to be all gold. I’ve decided I like the white and gold combination. What do you think about it?

Since I’m getting a new iPhone, I need a new case! I’ve been debating between a case and a wallet/case. Right now I use my case for more than just protection, it holds my metrocard and any business cards I receive. When I’m not wearing something with pockets business cards go right into my case. It’s so handy! Here are some cases + wallets I’m thinking about.

Design Spotlights: iPhone 5s Cases


Sources: Society6 // Kate Spade // Society6 // Kate Spade // Society6 // Society6 // Kate Spade
Design Spotlights: iPhone 5s Wallets

Sources: Orla Kiely for Target // Zappos // Swell // Bison Made // Michael Kors at Neiman Marcus

So what do you think? Wallet or case? When the iPhone 5 came out I was dreaming cases too. Here’s what I was thinking about last year.

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