Helsinki Design Week

Happy Monday! I’m leaving for Helsinki Design Week this afternoon, and I couldn’t be more excited! While I’m away I’ll be instagraming, tweeting, and blogging a little bit as well. I have a few fantastic guest posts lined up for you, so you won’t be left all alone! I arrive on Tuesday morning and have a packed scheduled filled starting Tuesday afternoon through the end of the day on Thursday.

Helsinki Design Week 2013

I really enjoy attending Design Week in other cities because in most cities outside of New York it’s a city wide experience. New York is getting closer and closer to this concept, and I think London has fully embraced the city wide design week concept. Helsinki, although smaller than New York, does a fantastic job (from what I’ve already read) of creating a week filled with inspiration, showcasing launches and involving everyone in and out of the design world. I confess, I didn’t bother purchasing and Helsinki city guides because the Design Week website is packed full of events and information! Did you know Helsinki has a neighborhood dedicated to design! I think I’m set.

Helsinki Design Week 2013

Tuesday we’ll be attending the Helsinki Design Open at  Rautatalo, The Iron House, designed by Alvar Aalto in 1955. Alvar Aalto is known as the pioneer of architecture and design. I’ve seen many of his furniture pieces, as they are available here in the States, but haven’t had the pleasure of seeing any of his spaces yet. This will be a real treat! We’ll then take a tour of Helsinki and find our way to the Old Customs Warehouse where we’ll get to see a few exhibitions. We’ll end the evening with a design dinner at the Old Customs Warehouse.

Helsinki Design Week 2013

Wednesday and Thursday we’ll also be visiting Habitare 2013, the Interior Decoration + Design Fair. I’ve clicked through the site and I already know this is something I’m going to really enjoy. We’ll also be meeting the Littala designers, hearing from them and touring the showroom. There’s so much more listed on our itinerary, I can’t wait to share everything with you! Don’t forget to follow along on instagram and join in on the fun!

Helsinki Design Week 2013

Ajay is meeting me in Helsinki and we’ll be taking the next week off to travel and hopefully relax! He has a day to himself while I’m attending the events and I’m encouraging him to do this self-guided Manly Shopping Tour in Helsinki. What do you think?

Helsinki Design Week 2013

After Design Week, we’ll be exploring Helsinki on our own, and also stopping by in Tallinn and Stockholm. A huge thank you to the Ministry of Finland for providing me with this amazing opportunity!

Stay tuned, Design Crush is next!

{images: Helsinki Design WeekHelsinki Design Open, + Design District}

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