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I’m in Helsinki! I’m so excited for all the things to come today, and of course I’ll have my iPhone handy the entire time. While prepping for this trip I decided to download a few new apps. I travel often but I usually don’t turn to my iPhone for guides and travel information. I’ve put together a list of must have travel apps. Some of these apps are practical, and some are a little more fun. After all, vacationing is all about fun!

Wallpaper City Guides

Top 10 Travel Apps

I love the Wallpaper guides! For those of you who love design (and I imagine it’s all of you) this is the app to have. I often buy the books because I like taking notes, but when I’m in a rush and can’t order the books I get the app. Wallpaper shares the best of the best, restaurants, hotels, architectural sites and other beautiful things.

XE Currency

Top 10 Travel Apps

Although I can roughly calculate currency exchange rates in my head, I’m clearly not a mathematician. I can round up to the nearest Euro or Dollar but when I need to be precise I turn to XE Currency. It’s way easier then using the calculator app!

iStone Travel Translation

Top 10 Travel Apps

So, I’m not great with languages. I can say basic things like hello, how much is this, can I get a drink, but not much else. If you’re like me, get this app.


Top 10 Travel Apps

Whatsapp is a great app to have even when you’re not traveling. You can text or chat for free with this app, and leave voice messages too. It’s great for connecting internationally, you don’t have to pay texting fees!


Top 10 Travel Apps

When I’m on vacation I don’t really adhere to a schedule. I like to play it by ear and see how my day goes. I love using this app when I’m on the go and looking for dinner reservations in the area. It’s very helpful when you don’t know the area.


Top 10 Travel Apps

I was pretty impressed with this app when I first saw it. GateGuru can show you the layout of almost all airports, help you with airport transportation and tell you what restaurants and shops are near your gate. It’s very useful when planning your pre-vaca drink!

Free Wi-Fi Finder

Top 10 Travel Apps

I haven’t used Free Wi-Fi Finder yet, I just downloaded it. It seems pretty helpful, though. I love to sit at a cafe and instagram pics taken throughout the day, and with this app I’ll be able to find the spots near me with free wi-fi. Amazing!


Top 10 Travel Apps

This is my latest download, and I’m pretty in love. When you’re visiting a beautiful place you’re pictures are naturally pretty but you can add a little bling with Pixlr-o-matic.


Top 10 Travel Apps

Dcovery is an app that helps you discover interesting places and events around you. You can store places you want to visit and find places recommended for you.


Top 10 Travel Apps

I can’t wait to try out Postagram! I do love sending snail mail but I don’t always have addresses or stamps! Funny isn’t it, years ago we would carry everyone’s address around with us. Well, now you can send a personalized photo postcard to an email address.

What’s on your travel app list?

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