IKEA Metod Kitchens at Helsinki Design Week

On our first evening of Helsinki Design Week we visited the Old Customs Warehouse, which hosted exhibitions by 3D Labs, IKEA Metod, Launch and Shop, and Above. The IKEA Metod kitchens were interesting. Three kitchens were displayed and all three were completely different. We were informed that for this exhibition, Finnish children were consulted during the design process.

IKEA Metod Kitchen design competition at Helsinki Design Week

Three design teams were enlisted to create their versions of the IKEA Metod kitchen, Pentagon Design, Beacon Helsinki, and Aalto + Aalto. IKEA consulted children and gathered ideas about how they live and would like their kitchens and dining areas to function. From that information the three teams were allowed to design whatever they liked. The competition did a great job of highlighting that design should incorporate the entire family, not just adults. A home should be comfortable and useful for all in the family.

IKEA Metod Kitchen design competition at Helsinki Design Week

IKEA Metod is a modular kitchen system which includes 8 styles in a range of styles and colors. The Metod system was designed to take care of every tiny detail. It’s designed to allow a number of appliances including Whirlpool and Electrolux, it’s integrated organizational items like drawer inserts, and it’s given us unique ways of adding seating and lighting. Unfortunately it’s only available in Scandinavia right now, but I’m hoping it will come over to New York soon!

The three teams designed three amazing kitchens based in the kids’ needs. One had brighter pops of colors, another included a play area under the dining table and the last included seating built into the kitchen counter.

IKEA Metod Kitchen design competition at Helsinki Design Week

Out of the three teams, one was chosen by popular vote on IKEA Finland’s Facebook page. The winning design was by Beacon Helsinki! (That’s the first picture shown in this post.) I loved the detail of the table skirt on a track, so kids could turn their dining table into a playhouse when it’s not in use. Congrats Beacon!

{Images via IKEA Finland Facebook, Pentagon Design Facebook and me}

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