Installations at the Fiskars Pavilion and the Iittala Factory

As I’ve said before, Helsinki Design Week was an eye opening experience. One of the brands we were introduced to in depth was Iittala. While I was somewhat familiar with Iittala products, I was pronouncing the name completely incorrectly and knew only a fraction of the products.

Iittala installation

One of the most exciting parts of my trip was having dinner at the Iittala factory. Iittala is part of the Fiskars Group which offers a wide range of products for tabletop, home and kitchen. Iittala has an interesting philosophy. The brand believes that the best form of design is the kind that you don’t pay attention to, which was a reoccurring theme on my trip and through Finnish design overall. However, the entrance to their factory showroom was designed in the complete opposite direction!

Iittala installation

Our dinner was located in the Fiskars Pavilion  which I was told was built in the center of the already existing factory. When we entered the pavilion we saw several installations made of standard household items produced by the Fiskars Group. The pavilion’s installations were designed by the Pentagon Group. Pentagon Group also designed an IKEA Metod Kitchen at the Old Customs Warehouse. It was clear that the Pentagon Group created installations that showcased the products in unique ways, very different from their intended use.

Iittala installation

Iittala installation

At first when looking at the installations I wasn’t sure what they were made of – except the scissor chandelier, that was fairly obvious! The suspended spoons were pretty stunning, and the tower of saute pans was clever. Because of the array of colors the display of signature tea light holders really caught my eye.

Iittala installation

I enjoyed my evening at Iittala and I loved learning about the new products being launched. The installations at the pavilion are certainly eye catching and something worth visiting!

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