DIY + Printable Gift Wrap Ideas

I strongly believe that how a gift is wrapped is just as important (or more important) than the gift itself! The wrapping paper, bows and gift tags and styling build anticipation for the gift inside and can enhance your gift greatly. Last year I shared a few of my favorite DIY gift wrap ideas with you on The Huffington Post. Today I’ve rounded up my favorite DIY + Printable gift wrap ideas including gift tags and styling ideas to help you this holiday season.

DIY + Printable Gift Wrap Ideas


1. Printable gift tags via Seventeeth & Irving // 2. Big bow via Broadsheet // 3. Holiday gift bundle via Honestly WTF // 4. Printable gift tags via Say Yes to Hoboken // 5. Nutcracker gift wrap via Funkytime // 6. Holiday stickers via Elegance and Enchantment // 7. Geometric gift tags via Funkytime // 8. Hand drawn wreaths via Besotted // 9. Polka dot paper via Aprons and Camera Straps

Will you be using one of these ideas this week? If so, please send me a picture, I’d love to see it!

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