Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts For Men

I love buying gifts for my girlfriends and sister, but somehow shopping for my husband and brother are the most difficult thing for me. Maybe it’s because I wish they wanted stationery and glitter so we could share! Gifts for men are so difficult! I’ve been racking my brain to figure out what I could give to both of them this year that they will actually like. I kind of think I nailed it! Here’s what I’ve come up with. Gifts for the Men.

Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for the Men

1. Steve Madden sunglasses, $44.95 // 2. The Gentleman’s Guide To Cocktails, $74. // 3. USB charge card, $25 // 4. Mantry box, starting at $75 // 5. Acca Kappa 1869 gift set, $72.21 // 6. Gradation cashmere scarf, $106.56

Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for the Men


1. Dooney & Bourke iPhone 5 wallet, $65 // 2. Beer Money Bank, $16.51 // 3. Toms boots, $119 // 4. Whiskey Book, $84 // 5. USB turntable, $196 // 6. Simon Pearce whiskey glass, $58

Which of these gifts do you think the men in your life will love most? Check out more of this season’s Holiday Gift Guides.



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