Holiday Gift Guide: Hostess Gifts

I love this time of year. December is the month of parties and my calendar is packed with several events to attend. The best parties are the ones at friends’ homes. They’re usually more intimate and always a good time. If I’m running late I’ll pick up a bottle of wine, but when I have time to plan ahead I like to pick up a personalized hostess gift for my host. Today’s Holiday Gift Guide is all about Hostess Gifts!


Holiday Gift Guide: Hostess Gifts

1. Twilight serving spoons, $28 // 2. What’s a Hostess to do?, $17.99 // 3. Sparklettes, $15 // 4. Wine Rack, $19.99 // 5. Quilted mercury candle, $22 // 6. Bamboo cheese knives, $34

Holiday Gift Guide: Hostess Gifts

1. Test tube spice rack, $40 // 2. Cards Against Humanity, $25 // 3. Recipe binder, $48 // 4. Raspberry confetti note cards, $18 // 5. Kitchen paper placemats, $24.95 // 6. Kate Spade Imagination candle, $40

Which of these hostess gifts would you like to give? Which would you love for yourself?


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