Uncommon Thread

I love hearing inspiring stories, especially those of women owned businesses that succeed. Since Sarah and I have just started our own firm these stories are very important to me. I recently received Mary Ella Gabler’s new book, Uncommon Thread, and couldn’t wait to start reading!

Uncommon Thread by Mary Ella Garber

Mary Ella Gabler is the founder of the 40 year old linen company, Peacock Alley. They are a wonderful source for quality linens that I often use when designing for clients. In the first few pages of the book Gabler shares her key to success – optimism. She lets us know that she’s been through many ups and downs in the business world and preps us for an interesting story of how Peacock Alley has come to be.

Uncommon Thread by Mary Ella Garber

Gabler shares memories and stories on her grandparent’s farm in Jamestown, PA and moves on to life as a single woman in New York City in 1961. Her first job in NYC was as a receptionist, assisting two sales men with luxury accounts. She talks about her first Manhattan boyfriend and work related parties on yachts with champagne. She admits that it sounds very “Mad Men” and of course I was hooked!

Uncommon Thread by Mary Ella Garber

After several jobs in Manhattan Gabler ended up in Texas. After a few more trials she started Peacock Alley with her friend and roommate Gayle. Of course there’s more to the history of Peacock Alley and much more about how it came to be what it is today. Uncommon Thread is worth reading, for any women owned business and for anyone who is determined to push through hardship.

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