Living Room Design: Make a Big Change on a Small Budget

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The new year makes me pretty excited. I like getting a fresh start. I get to reorganize my life, clean up my home and reset my goals. I know I should probably be doing this every few months but life gets hectic and often I just push forward and try to meet deadlines. I always look forward to starting a new year because it’s sort of a scheduled time to start over. Do you feel this way too? Well, right now I’m looking to redesign on a small budget. I’ve put together tips to help you revamp your living room at a low cost.

A New Living Room Design for the New Year

Last month I purchased a new black and white rug from IKEA. I’m a fan of black and white because it’s classic and never gets old. It’s also a great backdrop for color. When redesigning a space a neutral background is key, as it allows you to use almost any color you want! You can also decorate with almost any combination of colors because you have little restrictions.

A New Living Room Design for the New Year

Although my rug was from IKEA it took up much of my living room budget. Now I have to redesign a small budget, so I have to be careful. Here are some ways I can do this:

  • Books. Books are pretty amazing. I have so many so this is an easy one for me. I’m a coffee table book lover. Large picture books are great for decorating. They can be placed on surfaces, stacked on the floor and placed on shelving and bookcases. Since I already have books scattered throughout my space I’m going to gather them up and redistribute. Although they are the same books I can pair them differently, with different colored books and different sized books, and get a whole new look.
  • Pillows. Pillows and cushions are an amazing design tool, especially when you’re on a budget. Colored pillows are a great way to brighten up my black and white living room, and I’m leaning towards yellow. To stay on budget I’m going to pick up a few new ones and mix them into the black and white throw pillows I already have.
  • Candles. Candles are typically known for scents instead of design elements, however they can change the look of your room. You can group candles together, or strategically place them in the room to get the biggest effect. I’ll be choosing colored or black candles depending on how the rest of the room pans out.
  • Artwork. I have lots of pieces of artwork that have yet to be framed. The frames themselves can be costly, so I’m lucky to already have the art. If you’re looking for affordable artwork you can check out Etsy,, Artfully Walls and West Elm.
  • Slipcovers. I won’t be using slipcovers in my new living room design but I think they are a great idea. If you’re in the market for a new sofa or chair and can’t make the plunge just yet, a slipcover can buy you a little time.

A New Living Room Design for the New Year

I’m excited to get started on my 2014 living room, and excited to let you know how it turns out! Are you doing a little winter cleaning and redesigning this month too?

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