Shop This Room: A Scandinavian Living Room

Happy Tuesday! Shop This Room is back with full force in the new year. During the holiday season we got a little bit busy, and the Shop This Room column didn’t get the love an attention it deserved. However while I was getting back to my blog and magazine reading I noticed this white and grey Scandinavian living room that I had to shop! The room was recently featured on A Life Well Styled, while highlighting the importance of layers.
Shop This Room: A Scandinavian Living Room
In monotone rooms layers are extremely important. If you are designing a space around one color and it’s family tones the space can easily become boring. In this case, the room is shades of white and grey. Texture is extremely important here, to help bring the room to life. Layers of texture can be seen in the shag rug, in the white washed wood on the Eames chair and the floor lamp, and the leather in the ottoman and pillows. A successful room doesn’t need to be filled to the brim. Instead it needs to be filled with the right things, which this room definitely has!

Here’s how you can Get This Look:

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