Design Spotlights: Tech I’m Loving Right Now

I’ve been looking for a new iPad case, because I actually don’t have a case at all. I have a sleeve I use when I leave the house, but when I’m home my poor iPad sits around, caseless. Because I was looking through many tech accessory sites I started to covet many other things, including two gorgeous gold headphones! So I thought the perfect roundup for today’s design spotlights would be Tech I’m Loving Right Now. What’s on your list of things to buy for yourself?

Design Spotlights: Tech I Want Right NowHere’s where you can find the items:

  • Textured leather iPad case, from The Outnet, $97.50
  • Fitbit Force, from Amazon, $193.99
  • Gold earpod headphones, from Amazon, $9.99
  • Ankit Fat Bass gold headphones, from Amazon, $29.99
  • Mophie Dual USB juice pack, from Amazon, $129.95 (I actually already have this, but I think it’s one of the best purchases I’ve made so I put it on the list.)
  • Pencil, by Fifty Three, to work with my Paper app, $59.95 (Paper is one of my favorite apps, and this pencil would be the best gift to myself ever.)


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